Why K4 GlassArt?

Alicia at a K4 GlassArt Exhibit

K4 captures the spirit of the Four family members over Two generations. The Glassart part is a much longer story that sprouted roots in Caracas, Venezuela and thrives today with kilns in Asheville, NC.

Slider-wallart mirror rectangular 4 x 18 4 pieces 1 (10)
Slider-sea front 1 1
Slider-ledtabletop sunrise lag sqr (11)
Slider-LED 20 burgundy 1 (9)
D rainbow 1 color Slider-dishes1
FM40-IC-GD Slider-Berry
Slider-dreidel ocean
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Your Concept as Art

Art can be what you touch or use in everyday life;

A Centerpiece for the table… An eye-catching illuminated decoration for an alcove… Art for its intrinsic value.

Come see what our clients have created in their own homes!

Contact K4 Glass Art

  • The website header lists vendors who carry our Artwork.
  • Visit us at scheduled shows, events & galleries.
  • We welcome Custom orders; Hand-crafted art is unique; therefore, no two pieces of art are identical.
  • email: kelemenkuatro@k4glassart.com
  • Phone / Text: 828.380.0895

Alicia Kelemen's Glass Art

Stunning, Original, Glass-Art for your Home and Office. Designed and Created by a trained Architect, turned Artist.

My work is a study of texture, color and light, based in the simplest of geometric forms; it offers me the possibility of endless variations.” – Alicia